Smart Temperature Monitoring

Maximum efficiency, transport quality and economy for your vehicles!

Efficient - User-friendly - Safe

Real-time tracking and monitoring:
Online data access everywhere and at all times thanks to customized apps for smartphones and tablets. Seamless evaluation and audit-proof documentation of all data and alarms on servers in Germany. A new level of quality and reliability for temperature-controlled transportation!

Solution - Tempconn

Stable temperatures from loading to delivery, seamlessly documented and always in view. This ensures customer confidence and creates a new understanding of quality.

Real-time tracking and monitoring
Online access to all data everywhere and at all times.
Highest safety standard
No cross-border data access.
Efficient and cost-effective
Any number of vehicles - from vans to van fleets.
Monitoring of passive transports
- in thermoboxes: temperature, location and vibration.

Intuitive user interface for maximum overview

The first smart tracking & monitoring solution with a responsive user interface that can be accessed on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Guarantees maximum quality assurance for temperature-controlled transports.

Demo for temperature and localization

Our demo shows a short excerpt from a simulated delivery tour with temperature tracking and the driver's route.


Quick installation

The fast track to the best solution

A free choice of service modules and low entry-level prices make it easier to switch to Tempconn - as an original accessory or for retrofitting.

Your Benefits

Vorteil: Einfache Integration
Quick and easy integration - no intervention in the vehicle electrical system
Digital detection and reporting of malfunctions
Illustration: Vorteil - Reports DesktopMockup: Tempconn Anwendung Mobile
Intelligent data evaluation incl. reports
Illustration: Hersteller-unabhängig
Illustration: End-to-End-Lösung
Data server in Germany
Illustration: Erweiterbar
Expandable configuration
Data securely encrypted
Tempconn - a product of